Kaleidic is an interactive, animated, highly randomized kaleidoscope application for the iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod® Touch

It's like a kaleidoscope, but ...

  • it's shake-tastic — give it a shake and make a brand new kaleidoscope using one of sixteen mirror configurations
  • it's rhythmic — songs from your music library can be used to make the kaleidoscope react to the music (on iOS 4+ devices). It's hypnotic!
  • it's tilt-ific — tilt the screen skyward and the shapes race down the central drain, tilt the screen toward the ground and they spill off the edges
  • it's artistic — each randomly created shape is painted using a nearly infinite palette of vivid colors
  • it's photogenic — choose a picture from your photo library, pan and zoom to get it just perfect, and then set it loose to bounce and spin with the other gems! Your memories are mirrored and animated for your entertainment and can be easily captured to your photo library.
  • chronic control — run at warp speed or slow time down to a crawl with a pinch of your fingers


Kaleidic works great out of the box, but if you feel the need to tinker there are plenty of dials ...

  • pacific to frenetic — adjust the minimum and variation in the number of shapes in each kaleidoscope
  • microscopic to gigantic — adjust the minimum and variation in the size of shapes in each kaleidoscope
  • static to elastic — adjust the drag force experienced by the shapes
  • kinetic control — turn the tilt acceleration on or off for a more or less interactive experience
  • quantum physics — turn on quantum flicker and gem facets snap into and out of existence
  • psychedelic streak — turn on streaking shapes and gems streak through the brilliant ether like shooting stars or greased lightning
  • photos, just gems, or a perfect mix — create kaleidoscopes with all photos, all colored gems, or set the mix that you desire with the new photo frequency setting

Kaleidic Lite

A free version of Kaleidic is now available that will generate some beautiful animations.   Some of the differences between the free and full version include ...

  • kaleid-a-song — In iOS 4+ devices the kaleidoscope reacts to the rhythm and dynamics of the music. In Kaleidic Lite the single "Shine" by Geoff Pearlman is featured while in the full version, you may choose songs from your music library.
  • kaleid-a-photo — Pictures can be mirrored and animated in the kaleidoscope window. In the full version you may choose photos from your photo library while in Kaleidic Lite 12 pictures have been pre-selected.
  • 6-way symmetry — all kaleidoscopes in the Lite version use 6-way symmetry, while the full version features 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16-way symmetries for visual variety
  • personalization — custom settings are only available in the full version

How do you use it?

Please have a look at these instructions.